Dead things for your home.


Dead things for your home.

Blota print set

Blota print set


Blōtą (Blow, Bloom, Blossom, Mumble, Murmur, Blather)
The complete set of our 6 foil stamped art prints.

The pagan tradition of the seasonal blót consisted of animal sacrifice and the sprinkling of blood on effigies, and on the worshippers themselves, as they prayed for health, fertility, and harmony.

Illustrated by Teagan White and Erica Williams, and impeccably produced in gold foil on silky matte black paper by Studio on Fire, using a copper plate heat stamping process similar to traditional letterpress printing.

MEDIUM: foil print on Curious Skins paper
EDITION: limited edition of 200
SIZE: four 8”x8” prints, two 8"x10" prints

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